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A theme is a set of templates, modules, global content, and style settings that can be used to create a website. Themes can be downloaded from the Asset Marketplace, while CMS Hub accounts will also have access to default HubSpot themes. You can edit pages using a theme with the drag and drop content editor and set blog templates to use a theme in your blog settings.
Understand themes

A theme is a set of files for your website, including:

Coded templates: a set of templates for your website, including a homepage, about page, landing page, and blog templates. These templates are custom coded by a developer, but the content and layout can be customized in the drag and drop content editor.
Modules: a set of unique theme modules you can add to content using that theme.
Global content: content repeated on multiple pages, such as a website header or footer. You can edit global content directly from the drag and drop page editor.
Theme settings: style settings for templates using a theme, including fonts, spacing, and colors.

Use an active theme

You can set an active theme to display that theme’s pages as the default options for newly created pages. Setting or changing an active theme will not change the theme used for existing content, which requires swapping the content’s current template. Additional themes can be purchased in the Asset Marketplace.

Navigate to your content:
Website Pages: In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Website > Website Pages.
Landing Pages: In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > Landing Pages.
In the top right, click the Create dropdown menu and select Website page or Landing page.
In the dialog box, enter a page name, then click Create page.
On the theme selection screen, hover over a theme, then click Preview theme to open a preview of the theme or Set as active theme to use this theme as the default for your pages.

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