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A Quick Tour To Learning Skills

Learning Skills has 8 ready to use templates.

  • It provides you with 100% Drag and Drop functionality which help in building any kind of website within no time.
  • It is also fully responsive on any resolution device (Mobile, Tab, Desktop).
  • Theme Settings are provided which can help change anything and on all website without any worry.

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Some of our Featured Modules.

Banner Slider

It’s basically a slider of various images with different topics, also having different content over it. CTA’s are also available to redirect to any particular page.


It’s basically a tab consist of three topics, when clicked will only show the information related to that topic.

Information Slider

It’s basically a slider representing various profiles. It shows the name, designation and socials related to that particular person.

Pricing Plans

These are basically different plans for any person to purchase from. It represents plans on particular time basis. It also shows the features available with the plans.


These are courses available for any students to choose from. It shows the category of that course and name. When clicked on CTA, it will redirect to detailed information page about that course.

All included templates are 100% ready-to-use, feel free to create new pages with any of the pre-built templates to experience all the features. All included templates are 100% ready-to-use.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use The copy of Learning Skills you have in your portal is fully yours, but there are some terms and conditions that govern what you can and can't do, visit the following link to read more: Terms & Conditions

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